Finances Slow Eatery, Brewery Plan


DATE: 04/06/1995


Part owner says he remains confident project will materialize By DOUGLAS FRUEHLING

PEORIA — The long anticipated riverfront restaurant and brew pub has hit some roadblocks, but its principal owner says the project isn’t dead yet. “We are very confident that this is going to happen” said Steve Howard part owner and general manager of the Iron Front Brewing Co.

‘Howard announced last fall that he would open the restaurant and pub, featuring beer brewed on the premises, in an iron-front building at 424-426 SW Washington St.

But snags with financing have indefinitely delayed the project.

“It takes a private commitment in cash,” he said this week. “That’s what’s we’ve been slow in getting.”

‘Howard said he still is devoting time to the project, which he hopes to keep alive as long  at the building remains available.

He plans to buy the building from the Cohen Development Co.

Les Cohen said his company still has hope for the project if Howard can secure financing. But he said Cohen will put the building back on the market if the plan meets its demise.

If it comes to fruition, the brew pub would feature a full- service restaurant and brewed beer. The business would not sell its beer wholesale.

The brewery would make four to six types of beer.

Howard, a Maquon native and Western Illinois University graduate, said he received very good reaction from the public at the recent beer festival.

The building is a few blocks from Peoria’s riverfront. The project would represent another private sector investment in the riverfront and would become part of the city’s Old Towne project.