Candidates List Campaign Contributions


DATE: 08/02/2001


PEORIA — Though unopposed, Councilman Patrick Nichting raised much in his recent campaign to retain his 5th District seat than Gary Sandberg did in his unsuccessful bid for mayor.

Nichting raised $10,962 and spent $508 from January to July, according to the latest campaign finance reports, compared to the $4,875 Sandberg collected.

For Nichting, big contributors were developers Michael Landwirth, Russell Waldschmidt and Lester Cohen, who each gave $1,000 as well as property management firm owner Tim Shea.

Fourth District Councilman Bill Spears raised $16,155 since January, including $1,000 contributions from Peoria Fire- fighters Local 544; Plumbers Local Union 63 Political Action Committee and developer Les Cohen. He spent $12,826.

Spears’ opponent, Jim Montelongo, did not file a financial report since the election, as required. Based on earlier reports, he’d raised $12,410 and estimated spending $10,000.

In the 3rd District, Council- woman Gale Thetford raised $15,402 during her campaign, including $1,000 from both Co-’ hen Development and developer David Joseph. She spent $12,472. Her opponent, Monica Jones, raised $7,426 between January and July and spent $3,937.

Second District Council- woman Marcella Teplitz spent $11,948 of the $14,142 she raised: Her opponent, Gary L. Morris, never filed campaign finance reports, suggesting he did not hit the $3,000 fundraising minimum.

In the 1st District, Council- man Clyde Gulley Jr raised $2,728 and spent $3,883. His opponent, Debra Doyle, also never filed a report.